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For us it just struck a nerve - the music has a haunting ethereal beauty, underpinned at times by a menacing teutonic, industrial drumbeat. It should jar, but somehow it just works. For us it’s also about the fact that it’s great pop music - we’re not talking pop as in Steps or Justin Bieber, we’re talking amazingly crafted songs, beautiful vocals, and songs that not only stand up to repeated listening, but grow on you, and reveal further qualities every listen.

Hundreds are Eva on vocals, and her brother Philip on keyboards, with Eva’s vocals providing the perfect complement to Philip’s classically trained background. For their live shows, they add in further percussion to create an incredible live show which reflects the intense atmosphere of their sound. We’ll be bringing them over to accompany the album launch, so keep an eye on the tour page, or sign up to the newsletter for details.

This in no way does them justice, but for a flavour of the shows, this footage from Leipzig comes close.

The début album is out now via iTunes and other digital retailers, with the CD released on 13th February from your local indie store and HMVs across the UK.

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