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We set up Muri Records in 2010 as we got tired of always talking about setting up a label, and got to the stage where we’d bored all of our friends, and had started boring ourselves.

We don't have a ‘sound’ for the label, we really just wanted to release music that inspired us in some way, or we felt was criminally overlooked. As a result, our releases may be on the ‘eclectic’ side given that our music tastes range from Joakim to Jakob, Slayer to Sigur Ros to Simone - whether Nina or Au Revoir...

We had a few releases lined up when we chanced across Hundreds. Hailing from Hamburg, it took one listen to them to make us change tack and focus on releasing their first record. The first EP is available now via their page, with the album to follow in autumn this year, with tour dates around the launch.

While we didn’t have a particular sound in mind for the label, we did want to maintain a theme when it came to the artwork and design of the label. Where possible, we have tried to reflect the nature of the music we release with the artwork, and have worked hard with the lovely guys at Filtr Creative on this, and for every release we'll be looking to work with emerging photographers & artists. Some of this work is up on our site already, for more details on the artists involved scroll to the last page

So, if you’re a band looking for a release, have a look at our roster and site, and send us some music, and we’ll get in touch if we like it. Similarly, if you’re an emerging, or even established artist, and want to work with us, then drop us a line on

Not much more to say really, there’s a reason why people leave it to the music to do the talking...

David and Geoff - May 2011

Photography Credits:

This image:
Neil Montier 'In Arcania No.5'

Other image:
Carita Laamanen 'Chance No.2'

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